Enhancing healthcare through machine learning, our AI platform provides insights to bridge the information gap, supporting informed health decisions

Championing self-managed health

We offer innovative tools for healthcare professionals and empower individuals with clear insights for better health awareness and education

KOS Personalized Health Wearable

Emphasizing care continuity, we focus on consistent patient monitoring and offer notifications to support safety and informed decision-making

Our Research

Our team of machine learning scientists are perfecting our approach to frontline healthcare by using applied sciences with enhanced improvements in data management to provide better indepth analysis using biosensors.
If you would like to know more about our research please contact us directly.

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Transforming Health with AI

Unifying Biology and Technology seamlessly through KOS

Investor Direct Approach

We aim to transform big data into turning KOS into the right conduit for predictive and preventative medicine. Through creation of our wearable device, use of health data we are able to give predictive analysis to move user baseline health scores and provide a more interactive personalized support. Our platform can determine the correct biomarkers providing the right feedback for disease prevention. We believe that with the right feedback metrics and applied bio-analytics the communication between a health advisor and the end patient can improve overall care.

Strategic Channel Approach

Our team have a background in medtech ventures and we welcome strategic partners who can help deploy our intellectual property where we believe our knowledge can help deliver new advances in preventative healthcare. Working with healthcare partners allows to increase our remote patient monitoring and bio analytics. Technological markers can improve a dual relationship between our bio engineering team creating tailored digital biofeedback.
To find out more please contact us at investorrelations@kos-ai.com.

Who is KOS

We are over 50
Team Members!!
We Speak over
7 Languages!!
We are from diverse backgrounds from 
MedTech, IT, Fintech, Finance, and other areas of the medical industry.
Our main frontline research staff are in 
Germany, France, UK and the US
Our BioSensory and BioMetrics team 
are based in California
Our Telecommunication teams 
are based in Europe and South America.
Our product 
is Global!!
Our platform
is Unique

Our Process

KOS platform works together as a single network seamlessly connecting physician and patients together to give them the tools they need to focus on delivering frontline Medicare more efficiently.

24/7 Patient

Continuous Monitoring

Real Time Metrics

BioFeedback when you need it.

Preventative Healthcare

at Home when You Need it.

5 patents

744x conditions

20x Activities

99% Accuracy